Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Different Kinds of Spy Cameras Available Today

Nothing beats the security and extra assurance that spy cameras give. This literally gives homeowners an extra pair of eyes to watch over their home while they are out at work. With spy cameras, you know exactly what happened and when it happened and most importantly, who is involved. There have even been lives saved by surveillance cameras, and a countless number of homes and property saved because the perpetrators of unscrupulous acts were easily identified and reprimanded.

Over the recent years, spy cameras have evolved into more advanced little gadgets. These instruments can now capture videos, take pictures, and even capture audio as well. The date and time when the videos or images are taken are also included, so you know exactly when things happen. Plus, even the most innocent looking things found in most homes can be used to conceal spy cameras, and here are just some of the different spy cameras available today in the market.

Spy camera in a Tissue Box
One of the things which can be found in most homes is a tissue holder, and now this can be used to house a spy camera. You can place it on top of a table, on a bookshelf, and anywhere else in the living room. No one would suspect that there is a camera inside, especially since the tissue box works just like any regular tissue box.

Spy camera in a Pen
This is probably one spy gadget we have all seen in the movies, and now it is a reality. An innocent looking pen sitting on top of a table or stored with other pens in a pen holder can actually be a spy camera. Or, you can easily slip it into your shirt pocket and record the events happening around you.

Spy camera in an Electronic Shaver
If you suspect weird things happening inside your bathroom or perhaps in your bedroom, a spy camera cleverly concealed in an electronic shaver is also available. Leave it lying around in your room or on the shelves in your bathroom and no one would even suspect it. The best part is, you not only get a spy camera, but an actual working electronic shaver.

Spy camera in a Wall Clock
A wall clock is one of the things that people would expect to find in your house. What is great about having a spy camera that doubles as a wall clock is that it is something that no one would even think twice about, and it also functions as a regular wall clock. You can even choose a wall clock with a spy camera built in it that matches the decorations in your home.

Spy camera in a Smoke Alarm
One of the great things about having a CCTV Camera inside a smoke alarm is that it is able to capture a wide range of events in your home. Since it is situated high enough in your house, it is unlikely that anyone would suspect having a spy camera inside, and it also keeps the camera safe from the prying hands of your toddler.

There are a lot of other items in your home that can double as a spy camera, like a can of Coke, a wristwatch, a flashlight, and even a lighter. You can easily leave these lying around your home and no one would even suspect that this tiny device is actually recording events around it.

Most of the spy cameras mentioned above is ideal for indoor use, but there are also spy cameras which are great for outdoor use and are designed to withstand changing weather like sudden rains. These are called wildlife cameras and double as a spy camera as well. These wildlife cameras are able to record videos and take pictures whenever they detect movement, so that they do not end up wasting your memory space recording nothing in the dark. Plus, these types of CCTV Camera are specially built to take clear images either in color or black and white even in the dark.

You never know when you will need spy cameras installed in your home. As such, having one installed even when there is no imminent need for it is a lot better than wishing you had one when something unfortunate happened either inside or outside your home. A wildlife camera is perfect for outdoor use, and a spy clock camera is great for indoor use.

About Author: Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Fly On The Wall, an online company that provides with the best home security spy cameras available on the market. A wildife camera or spy clock camera from them is an absolute must for you who are a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera would be the "eyes" of the CCTV program, a person location all of them within as well as outdoors structures to help you observe as well as report (via an electronic movie recorder) exactly what the actual digital camera is actually taking a look at. 

Regrettably that is exactly where this halts becoming simple, all of us cannot stress sufficient exactly how you have to become knowledgeable whenever possible by what CCTV Camera can handle after which appear critically in regards to what you need to make use of a digital camera with regard to as well as the thing you need which digital camera to complete. Through this particular all of us imply you will find actually a large number of digital Camera obtainable these days, however the reason being you will find a wide variety of circumstances the place where a digital camera is needed which there is not only one digital camera for those work. Therefore make sure you perform remember to discover around you are able to in the functions towards the top of this site before you decide to create a buy. 

Therefore how can you start selecting a digital camera, nicely you need to begin with fundamentals....
Very first exactly where may be the digital camera heading? inside or even outside? In the event that outside make use of the weatherproof manual to select what type of a good IP score your own digital camera demands. 

Knowing this particular, navigate to the region exactly where you need to set up the actual digital camera and appear from what you need the actual digital camera to determine. what lengths may be the picture you need to catch in the digital camera? the length of this? consider this as well as make use of the zoom lens loan calculator to ensure guess what happens zoom lens dimension you have to be in a position to begin to see the picture you would like in the range it's aside. 

Think about, may you have to be in a position to observe within darkish problems? or even just throughout the day period? In the event that it's must observe within reduced gentle problems, exactly how darkish will it obtain? can there be the road light close by? or even can there be the protection gentle about the office space? return through the night period and find out exactly how darkish it is, after that make use of the Lux manual to determine what type of "minimum illumination" your own digital camera demands. Bear in mind throughout the winter season this will get darkish really earlier, absolutely no great using a digital camera that is just helpful throughout the summer time. 

May be the digital camera likely to end up being set up in this location it might be susceptible to vandalism? if that's the case be sure you make use of a vandal proof digital camera. 

Okay, right now ideally you've got a much better concept by what the CCTV Camera is actually as well as what type greatest fits your circumstances, right now I'd counsel you make reference to the actual functions the following for more information by what the CCTV Camera is actually effective at after which make use of the CCTV Camera item locater or even search through the website to locate one which suits your circumstances.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Are CCTV Security Cameras Needed?

CC TV cameras is the byproduct of sophisticated electronic device which provides a number of options. CCTV stands for close circuit television which performs excellently to check the crime and wrong commitment by monitoring properly Close Circuit television set is placed at offices and residential houses for monitoring purposes. Close circuit television is needed in banks as it is the most risky zone where there should be proper security system. It will be a good decision to install the CCTV set at the shopping malls and market plaza where there must be tight security system On the other hand, there are shopping malls, pubs and other entertainment centers which are equipped with CCTV for close monitoring.

CCTV cams are varied in sizes and depending on quality of products, the picture quality is also excellent. Right now this CCTV set is available for low price range and you can easily install it. CCTV set meets the basic requirements of people and it is advantageous to install it. These days, thefts, burglaries are happening now & then and where there is a question of one’s life and death CCTV cameras are blessing in avoiding the same. There are various types of CCTV camera’s such as Indoor camera, Outdoors, IR-Day/night camera, bullet camera, dome type, hidden camera, vandal proof, zoom camera etc. These CCTV cams provide facilities like zooming, video recording and changes of position. They are either wireless or fixed cable connection. There are many firms which enter into security business.

These companies offer not only close circuit cams but also these firms provide other sophisticated systems such as guard checking, security alarm and monitoring. There key thing is to provide cost effective and optimum level security. Close circuit television set has earned popularity in the world of security systems. People being alert about themselves and their belongings, they demand on installing the same. CCTV Cameras provides assistance in the exploration of resources which are available.

These security systems are found to be the most reliable electronic accessories. With the coming of new technology into the market, the firms want to make people aware of the importance of installation of security cams but also they prefer the active involvement of people to install the CCTV sets for their own security. There are various companies which deliver product reviews and up-to-date information about various CCTV sets which are available in net. If you want more information and other options with the security cams, just request your dealers to provide information and they will help you in this regard. On being asked, companies will help you out with current data about different models of CCTV sets.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

SANYO ‘eneloop Pedal Juice’ is Back in Black at NAMM 2011

Convenient rechargeable battery pack provides consistent, long-lasting sound quality with choice of signature eneloop white or new black version

(SANYO) introduces a black version of its eneloop Pedal Juice, a rechargeable DC 9V battery unit for effects pedals and other music devices. The popular Pedal Juice rechargeable battery, introduced last year, is available immediately at music stores nationwide and the black version will be available in late spring 2011. Both versions have an MSRP of $199.99. The black and the white Pedal Juice will be displayed at the NAMM Show 2011, the world’s largest musical instrument trade show, from January 13 to 16, 2011 in Booth 7013.

Pedal Juice was developed to meet the needs of both professional and entry-level musicians, delivering up to 50 hours of continuous power for a single analog pedal or up to 20 hours of continuous power to three digital pedals.  Because the eneloop 9V rechargeable lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for AC power, the output voltage is more stable for longer periods of time without the possibility of AC ground looping noise. The battery can be recharged hundreds of times, thereby eliminating the waste and inconvenience of disposable 9V alkaline batteries. With two DC outputs, Pedal Juice can power multiple devices including pedals, multi-effect units, and portable recorders. Pedal Juice provides portable battery power to a single pedal or can be used to power several pedals at the same time.

Power management ranks at the top of issues faced by music performers, especially performances that use many portable music devices, including effects units, amps, graphic equalizers, and multi-track recorders, where power is typically provided through an AC adapter or a 9V dry cell battery (9V laminated battery).  Rechargeable, portable, water-resistant, and rugged, Pedal Juice allows the freedom to play whenever and wherever the next gig might be.

“SANYO’s Pedal Juice provides clean, portable 9V power to effects pedals and other music devices.  We designed the new model with the same great performance musicians have come to expect from SANYO,” said Tom Van Voy, General Manager of the Digital Solutions Division for SANYO North America.  “Our new black-colored Pedal Juice will allow the musicians to decide which color best fits their rig.”

Main Features
•   Portable, rechargeable lithium-ion 9V power supply (max output 2,000mA, or 1,000mA per port when using both power ports)
•   Stable voltage provides consistent, long-lasting sound quality
•   Three-stage power indicator shows remaining battery level at a glance, even during use
•   Easily turns on or off with one button
•   Can be used outside even in wet weather. Water-Resistant to JIS IPX3 compliance level (no damage when sprayed with water in vertical position at angles of up to 60 degrees on both sides)
•   No noise interference from surrounding electric equipment as occurs with AC power
•   Approximately 3.5 hour charging time
•   Standard usage times include approximately 50 hours for analog effects units (~10mA), up to 27 hours for digital effects units (~50mA), about 17 hours for digital multi effects units (~100mA), 7 hours for multi-track recorder or synthesizer (~300mA), and 2 hours for electronic drums or percussion (~1,000mA)
•   Built-in 3.7V, 7.35Ah Lithium-ion battery
•   Colors: White or Black

For more information about the SANYO ‘eneloop’ brand of products please visit

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a global company providing solutions for environment, energy and lifestyle applications. SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is based in San Diego, and its products include solar, rechargeable batteries, digital solutions (such as digital cameras, projectors, home appliances), biomedical laboratory equipment, HVAC and refrigeration equipment, and Smart Energy Systems.
For more information on SANYO, please visit

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sanyo Network Cameras

Sanyo provides all types of Security Products and also Sanyo Network Cameras. here some Sony Network Cameras images and information.

1/4" Color CCD Indoor Mini Dome Camera

1/4" Color CCD Indoor Mini Dome Camera

520 TVL, Built-in x2.6 Motorized Zoom Pan-Focus Lens Indoor Mini Dome Camera

Pan-Focus Day/Night Weatherproof Zoom Camera

Pan-Focus Day/Night Weatherproof
Zoom Camera

Pan-Focus Weatherproof Day/Night
Camera, 520 TVL, Built-in x2.6
Motorized Pan-Focus Lens

Pan-Focus Day/Night Weatherproof Zoom Camera

Pan-Focus Day/Night Weatherproof Zoom Camera

Pan-Focus Day/Night Weatherproof Camera, Built-in x2.6 Motorized Zoom w/Heater Module

Network Pan-Focus PTZ Dome Camera

Network Pan-Focus PTZ
Dome Camera

Pan-Focus PTZ, 520 TVL,
Built-in x2.6 Motorized Zoom
Lens Indoor Mini Dome Camera

1/4" Color CCD Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera

1/4" Color CCD Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera

520 TVL, Built-in x2.6 Motorized Zoom Pan-Focus Lens Vandal Resistant Dome Camera

1/4" Color CCD Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera

1/4" Color CCD Vandal-
Resistant Dome Camera

520 TVL, Built-in x2.6 Motorized
Zoom Pan-Focus Lens Dome Camera
w/Heater Module

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cctv Remote Monitoring Services Help You in Surveillance of Your Business

CCTV equipment can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft and destruction are all significantly reduced. And when crime does occur, CCTV system incident recording can provide valuable proof, improving the probability of a conviction. When choosing a CCTV system it is important to ensure that the solution will provide the protection required, or your investment could well be a precious diamond necklace.

Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring is a specialist organization whose mission is to provide comprehensive turnkey CCTV Monitoring solutions to government agencies and corporations. The services offered by us brings many years of experience in the CCTV Monitoring field, together with technology and operational procedures that conforms to international standards and proven in the field.

Surveillance is an important part of every business even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. Video surveillance and remote monitoring can be considered as an enhanced management tool that can be effectively used by various departments of an organization. Our professionals are highly trained to assess and respond appropriately to any situation. We also provide Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring, CCTV remote monitoring, video recording services.

Our remote monitoring service is highly effective for sites with little out-of-hours activity. It is also useful where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited. CCTV remote monitoring services and video recording services are particularly relevant for sites with little out-of-hours activity, where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited. Remote monitoring services facility ensures effective onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control.

Whether CCTV is installed covertly or openly, modern digital communication technology enables SMS to monitor the situation anywhere in the world. Using telemetry, control can be maintained over cameras, lights, gates indeed any building management function.
CCTV in the public sector is governed by the data protection act and the human rights act, it is there to protect the interests of the public not to spy on them.
CCTV is also used to supplement intruder alarm systems to provide confirmation that there is someone on site and that the alarm received is not false.
Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring is an international, market leading company specializing in the provision of integrated IP (Internet Protocol) based security, surveillance and access control solutions to some of the largest companies throughout the world.

We create innovative and effective security solutions for the protection of people, property, critical assets and mission critical processes, which deliver real cost and operational benefits to our clients, on an enterprise wide scale.

We use IP technology to enable companies to centralize the management and control of their security systems across the world, dramatically reducing the number of security and monitoring staff required on site, whilst at the same time improving the quality and quantity of security systems in place.

About the author :
Rajiv Patel

CCTV: Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an installation of directly connected components creating a circuit which cannot be viewed by anybody outside of the circuit.
This is different to a terrestrial television broadcast system which anybody with an antenna and reception equipment can view.
Who needs a CCTV system?
CCTV systems can be found virtually everywhere in these days. They are no longer considered an expensive luxury item, especially when you consider your increased level of security.
CCTV systems can be found in both the private and commercial sector and are used for security/ crime prevention purposes and providing Health and Safety protection to the members of the general public.
You will have seen CCTV systems operating in town centres, football stadiums, high street shops, sports centres, petrol stations, on public transport - the list is endless.
A CCTV system is a proven method of increasing the level of security of your premises. Its visual appearance alone will deter a criminal from approaching or entering your property for fear of being captured and identified on the system.
CCTV solutions can be tailor made to suit individual requirements. They can be as simple as one camera and a monitor, but it is quite common to have multiple cameras/monitors and recording devices in one installation.
The Elements of a CCTV System
There are three basic elements to a CCTV system,
1. Camera 2. Lens 3. Monitor unit
The camera is the element which captures the image and transmits the picture back to a monitor. The camera needs a lens to be able to focus on the subject. There are a wide variety of lenses to suit different applications.
The monitor is the receiver unit which converts the captured image into a picture, allowing you to see it.
Colour or Monochrome?
This is a very common question, but ultimately only you can decide.
A CCTV system should be designed to suit your needs, to fit into the environment on your property. The installing company should provide guidance on the suitability of different options, features and benefits - including colour and monochrome units. It may be that you need a camera that will work in colour during the day and automatically switch to monochrome at night!
As circumstances don't normally permit the luxury of having a dedicated person to sit and watch a monitor 24 hours a day, the image captured by the camera needs to be recorded so that it can be viewed later, if necessary.
Traditionally, this was done with a time lapse Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) which worked on the same principle as a domestic video but with the ability to record for a much longer period of time.
However, the VCR has now been superseded by the digital Hard Disk Recorder (HDR). Rather than using tapes, the HDR stores the images on to a hard disk drivehard drive unit. The multiplexer then uses these code marks to play back the recorded picture from the camera that you wish to view. Historically multiplexers and recording units were separate pieces of equipment, but recently a number of manufactures have developed units that do both jobs. similar to the way a home computer stores data. More than one camera?! Most systems today comprise of more than one camera, but you don't; a monitor and recorder for each camera. Equipment is available that will split the monitor into four separate screens displaying four cameras, or a four way sequence unit can be used which allows you to choose which camera you would like to view. Alternatively, the automatic mode it will sequence through the four cameras that are connected. However, the most common way of controlling multiple cameras is via a multiplexer. To keep it simple, a multiplexer incorporates the above facilities but also has the ability to individually code mark each image from each camera and because of this, a multiplexer allows all of the cameras on a system to be recorded onto one tape or
I want......I need....... These days, a CCTV system can be designed to fit any scenario you care to imagine, using options from the vast range of equipment available from manufactures worldwide. For example, cameras can be internal, external, highly visible or covert. They can be static or fully controllable/movable from a remote location. You can have one camera or hundreds; you can record for one day or 21 days. With a suitable internet connection, you can even view your property when you are abroad. Get the picture??!!!
Quality Counts. Although an avid DIY-er can buy equipment that claims to be a CCTV system from their local store, and electrical companies have jumped onto the CCTV bandwagon and will install systems too, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a specialist company. Why? In around 70% of cases, CCTV footage is found to be inadmissible as evidence in a Court of Law because the quality of the evidence is considered inadequate. This can result from the poor design and bad installation of the system and highlights the importance to seek professional advice from the outset Only a specialist company who are professional in their approach and can demonstrate experience in design and installation should be approached. Most importantly, you must feel confident that the company you choose will listen to and understand your individual CCTV requirements. Their experience with lens optics and camera technology will guarantee you satisfaction with your system.
A specialist company will also ensure the best value for money, for example by using a different lens or camera mounting positions which can not only monitor the area at risk but also give an outline view of the surrounding area at the same time.
Data protection A CCTV system must be registered in order to comply with the data protection act of 1998. Since 24 October 2001, it has been a criminal offence to have an unregistered CCTV system that records people in a public or a private place (conditions apply). The Code of Practice contains legally enforceable 'Standards' that must be met to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. There are also a further 30 points of good working practice which, when used in conjunction with the Standards, are designed to build and maintain public confidence in CCTV systems and to ensure that installers and users operate within the law. The Code of Practice is available for you to view at
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Roy Buckingham